tribal Libraries E-Rate Assistance

MuralNet’s primary objective is to ensure that our collaboration with your tribe is seamless, efficient, and productive. As part of our commitment, we will provide a range of services and deliverables to guarantee the success of your Tribal Library project.  


Services Provided to the Tribe:

  • Project Kickoff Participation: Project kickoffs with each tribe to gather necessary data and establish expectations for the next steps and responsibilities.
  • Tribal Library Location Assistance: Support and guidance in identifying an ideal site for the tribal library, ensuring it transforms into a pivotal center for sharing community wisdom.
  • Official Tribal Library Designation Support: MuralNet is committed to empowering every tribe by helping them obtain official Tribal Library certification through Tribal Resolution. 
  • E-rate Application Assistance: Assistance to successfully apply for the E-rate program which provides funding to help cover the library’s internet connectivity. 
  • Program Advisor Collaboration: Our team of E-Rate Program Advisors is connected to subject matter experts and allows us to meet the unique needs of each tribe. 


Deliverables for Your Tribe:

  • Official Tribal Library Certification: Your tribe will receive a template resolution that your Tribe can print on Tribal letterhead, fill out, pass at your next Tribal Council Meeting and easily become a certified Tribal Library. 

  • E-rate Grant Application Resources: Our Program Advisors have E-Rate training, provide complimentary documentation, step-by-step instructions, and assistance through each Phase of the application process. 

  • Communication Channels: Effective communication channels will be established for your Tribal Library personnel to connect with our Program Advisors seamlessly.

  • Designated Program Advisor: Each Tribal Library will have a designated Program Advisor, ensuring personalized support and expertise.

MuralNet works closely with Tribal communities to understand unique requirements resulting in tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. With MuralNet, you can be confident that you have a reliable and trustworthy partner who is fully dedicated to your success.