About MuralNet

Our Vision & Mission

We envision a world where every Tribal community has access to broadband internet—supporting their education, health, and economic future on their own terms.

MuralNet works with Native communities to design, build and implement sustainable tribal networks. 

Our Story

MuralNet was founded by Martin Casado and Brian Shih in 2017 to bring high-speed Internet to the homes of students on tribal lands and bridge the digital divide. 

MuralNet has worked with dozens of Tribal nations since our first project helping to build a network in the Village of Supai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 

MuralNet partners with government agencies, Silicon Valley, middle-mile providers, ISPs, colleges and universities to provide Tribes with access to equipment and in-house network planning, labor, technical support, policy specialists and lawyers.


OUR People

Mariel Triggs

Chief Executive Officer

Jose Whiteshirt Matanane

Chief Operations Officer

Leslie Hardwick

Communications Director

Martin Casado

Board Member, Founder / CFO

Danielle Forward

Board Member, Head of Design