Working with Native nations to design, build, and control their Internet access future.

The Challenge

Broadband is the basis and future of economic development, health, and education for Native Americans. However, on Tribal lands, only 65% of the total population has access to broadband. Half of tribal rural households don’t even have access to a fixed wireless internet provider, which is over twice the rate of their non-tribal counterparts. 


Covid-19 has made the situation on rural tribal lands worse. Governments can’t operate  while people shelter in place with no connectivity at the home. Students forced to shelter in place cannot participate in online classes. Elders need their families and doctors, but can’t venture out and risk exposure. Hotspots are available but only work if there is cell phone signal. Building a private LTE network is one way to connect communities quickly and cheaply. 

Our Focus

MuralNet works with Indigenous communities to design, build, and implement sustainable networks. 

We help bridge the digital divide by providing infrastructure, consulting, financial, and educational resources so that Tribal nations and Tribally-controlled organizations can build their own networks.

“There’s so much hope with this broadband and our self-deployment.”
Ophelia Watahomigie-Corliss, Havasupai tribal councilwoman


How you can help

PARTNER WITH US! We invite all manufacturers, local ISPs, and tower companies to lend your professional expertise and industrial resources.

MAKE A DONATION! Every contribution, large or small, brings us closer to our goal.

Interested in deploying a wireless internet network for your tribal community?

We offer:

  • Help with spectrum education and acquisition
  • Demonstration, pilot and emergency builds
  • Rapid design plans and quote evaluation
  • Community network planning

Next steps for the rural tribal window and 2.5 GHz applications.