Wireless Technician

A.K.A. Network Technician or IT Field Technician. 

Salary Range: $45-75k per year. 

A wireless technician, also called a wireless communications technician, is a specialized role of tech support that performs maintenance on wireless devices. As a wireless technician, you perform repairs on devices such as cellular phones and PDAs. Your job duties may include building and maintaining cell towers, creating wireless networks, and fixing system, software, or hardware issues that arise. A wireless technician may be employed by a specific cellular company or by third parties authorized to perform maintenance on mobile devices and equipment. 

Sample Requirements & Training:

  • Time management, interpersonal, analytical and communication skills
  • Ability to terminate ethernet
  • CCNA Wireless, CCNP Wireless, and/or CompTIA Network+ certifications a plus
Wireless Technician


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