Tower Climber

A.K.A. Tower Technician or Tower Communications Tech

Salary Range: $40-60k per year.

A tower climber is a professional technician who provides maintenance, installs upgrades and conducts inspections on towers. They construct these towers and place communications devices at the top so that services like radio, television and cell phone coverage are available to a broader area. Tower climbers have the physical capability to climb to the top of the towers and the technical understanding to repair and install telecommunications technology. 

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Install/Upgrade technology: When new technology becomes available, tower climbers install the physical components.
  • Provide maintenance: Tower climbers keep tower equipment working properly by providing routine maintenance and identify structural issues for repairs.
  • Rigging Gear: Tower climbers rig up (haul) heavy gear to various locations of the tower or removal.
  • Respond to emergencies: Tower personnel are calm and rational when crises happen on the job, and they know CPR and train to respond to falls and injuries.

Tower climbers usually work in teams of four: two tower climbers, a rigger to carry the heavy equipment and a supervisor responsible for overseeing the tower climbers. These teams practice safety to avoid hazards like slips, falls and overheating. By properly using their climbing equipment, evaluating climbing conditions and monitoring their exposure to radio frequency and extreme temperatures, they can avoid potential risks. 

Sample Requirements & Training:

  • Be comfortable with heights, working outside, flexible scheduling, frequent travel, hazardous conditions and long hours.
  • In most cases, tower climbers must also have a valid driver’s license and pass background checks.
  • High School Graduation or equivalent GED
  • OSHA & CPR Certifications
  • Telecommunications Tower Technician-1 (TTT-1) Certification
  • Tower Worker Radio Frequency Safety Awareness (RF1002) Certification


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