Educational Broadband Service Spectrum

The LTE networks we help tribal entities self-deploy require spectrum to broadcast from the tower to the homes. Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum is uniquely qualified for connecting the rural homes of students to remote backhaul because it has a great deal of throughput and can travel long distances, there are no subscription fees associated with its usage and it was created to serve the public good and connect people to educational resources.


Step 1: Check Spectrum Availability

The Federal Communications Commission will be changing licensing rules soon. Under consideration are tribal priority windows, which would allow tribal entities to claim EBS spectrum over their own lands. If no spectrum is available, MuralNet can help with attaining spectrum already licensed to other parties. Use the search tool below by typing in some or all of the federally recognized tribal homelands and press SEARCH. It uses Census and FCC public data to see if license boundaries overlap with federally recognized homeland boundaries. Check the maps for more details. This tool offers a rough approximation of boundaries and should not replace a full spectrum survey. Contact us for a more complete and accurate spectrum analysis.

Step 2: Submit a Comment to the Federal Communications Commission

Go to https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings and click on “Express Comment” like the picture below. Type 18-120 for Proceeding(s) and select 18-120 | Transforming the 2.5 GHz Band. Fill out the required fields. In your comment, state

  • the federally recognized homeland(s) of interest

  • what licenses are currently active on the homeland

  • current state of Internet accessibility on the homeland (who has access to the Internet, how they have access, how fast, etc)

  • and whether or not you would build a high-speed Internet network if given EBS spectrum access on the homeland. Mural can help.

FCC Filing.PNG