Programs & Services

Sustainable Tribal Networks Program
—Sponsored by Cisco

Want a subsidized business development program? Cisco is sponsoring a program to build sustainable Tribal networks from the design stage through deployment and operation. It is a cohort model in which experts in Tribal telecom, technology, and marketing are available to help inform your network development.

MuralNet assists Tribal Nations with deployments to bring high speed Internet to homes through fixed-wireless networks. See below for more information on the Programs and Services MuralNet offers.

Learning Build Program

Want a subsidized network?  Participate in our Learning Build Program. Try out the latest in hardware or software or innovative new business models. Our partners in the industry will help support your network deployment and you get to keep the equipment or switch it out for our standard equipment. In return, you promise to share performance data publicly so other Tribes can learn from your experience.

Try out novel technologies and business plans by hosting a subsidized learning build!

Network Kits/Pilot Deployments

Are you looking to get familiar with LTE systems? We can tailor a starter kit for your needs and help you choose the appropriate spectrum (CBRS, 2.5, unlicensed), equipment (baicells, airspan, ubiquity, microcell or full powered base station, indoor or outdoor CPEs) and core for your first emergency/pilot/demonstration deployment connecting 20 homes.

We will help you assess your backhaul choices, vertical assets and current network in order to make informed decisions about your first network.

Spectrum Acquisition Services/Internet Access Consultancy/ Feasibility studies

MuralNet provides Native Communities with assistance to learn about, apply for, and acquire Internet access.


MuralNet will review current or proposed contracts, for example, contracts for backhaul, service, integration, equipment cost, etc.


MuralNet will help you create a network design that you can use for funding requests or to revise your network vision based on the results.


MuralNet will conduct an audit of current inventory, vertical assets, etc. This audit is extremely useful when asking for quotes to build out your desired network, or for guiding future sustainability plans. The audit will provide light market analysis and insights such as whether your network could be supported by forming a Tribal ISP or if other methods would be better. It will give you an idea of how secure your network is and make recommendations of how to best protect yourself from outside attacks. It can also help you find the right partners for your educational, telehealth, and economic goals.